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You may see Smart Lipo referred to as Smartlipo or even laser lipolysis or laser liposuction. Essentially, it is a form of laser-assisted lipolysis.

Your surgeon will make a discrete incision in the target area where you would like to reduce volume, and a thin tube will be inserted into the incision.

In turn, thermal laser energy will be passed through the laser fiber of the tube, and the fat cells will be targeted. Smart Lipo basically “melts away” fat. Some will be removed via gentle suction while other fat will simply tighten and coagulate. The result is a smoother, tighter, firmer appearance of the body overall with skin tightening.

Smart Lipo is best for those stubborn areas where fat seems to accumulate. These can be different for every individual.

But generally speaking, we’re talking about the upper arms, lower abdomen, buttocks, thighs, chin, and love handle area. All of these areas can be improved with Smart Lipo.

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